At DIS/CREADIS we focus on enhancing the efficiency of the project by looking at your needs. We offer diversity and flexibility in our collaboration forms to ensure our customers that we have the best solutions for them.


We offer a number of different types of agreements that can be tailored to the individual customers’ needs or tasks:


  • Consulting services: Our consultants join the customer's team within the customer's organisation.
  • In-house projects: DIS/CREADIS completes the project for the customer as a full project or in individual phases.
  • Project hotel: The customer's employees join a project team at DIS/CREADIS.
  • Turnkey projects: DIS/CREADIS produces and delivers the finished production equipment, special purpose machine or prototype.
  • Global Team: The assignment is solved by DIS/CREADIS employees across borders.




At DIS/CREADIS you can check into a project hotel where all of DIS/CREADIS’ competences and facilities are at the doorstep along with a high level of discretion and confidentiality.



The DIS/CREADIS project hotels offer unique innovation facilities where you as a customer are given the opportunity to gather relevant employee resources and decision makers and fully focus on a development project.



It is also an option to establish a project team with DIS/CREADIS employees where DIS/CREADIS will make some of the very best engineers available for a project. DIS/CREADIS engineers are experienced across industries and continents and they challenge our customers when it comes to development or optimization of new or existing products. A method of collaboration which repeatedly has proven to create momentum and a reduction of cost and shortened ‘time-to-market’.



All project hotels have the necessary IT equipment available as well as individual access control and IT installations to ensure a high level of confidentiality and data security. Furthermore, there is access to state-of-the-art installation and test facilities as well as a hardware laboratory.



Benefits of a project hotel are:

• All relevant employee resources and decision makers together at the same time in the same place
• Thee ability to create an environment where a development project gets full attention
• The ability to have an extremely fast progress
• A reduction in development time which results in a shorter ‘time-to-market’
• Costs are reduced significantly when the development process is fast
• Customer employees are given the opportunity to work in an environment where the only focus is on project implementation



Check in to a DIS/CREADIS project hotel where you can give your project full attention in an innovative and creative environment and at the same time experience a reduction in development time and costs.

DIS/CREADIS produces and delivers finished special purpose machines, products or prototypes. The delivery project is carried out at DIS/CREADIS' own offices, and DIS/CREADIS gets the right employees and suppliers involved. We therefore complete the project in a way which draws very little on the resources of the customer's organisation.



We ensure the processes in our project solution run smoothly by following a proven project model. This guarantees the customer a structured and seamless project process, and guarantees that we ultimately deliver the agreed upon product at the agreed upon time.



For major projects, we always prepare a preliminary analysis that includes an identification of needs and expectations, calculations and a risk assessment. This ensures the right price and a realistic estimate of hours prior to DIS/CREADIS and the customer committing to a comprehensive project. Our experience has shown that such a preliminary analysis always pays off in the end.

The solutions of the future are created in DIScover.


At DIS/CREADIS we have the state-of-the-art innovation center DIScover, which gives our customers the opportunity to get away from a daily environment and into an innovation center encouraging creativity and idea generation.



In DIScover we guide our customers through an innovative process. From idea to concept, to development and finally to a value-adding solution.



The innovation facilities are designed in a way that leaves room for thinking big thoughts and get ideas as well as it facilitates development of processes, concepts and methods. Workshops and training days can be held at DIScover at a great advantage as it is just the right environment for innovative thinking out of the box.



DIS/CREADIS has experience from across industries and continents and we use the gained knowledge to challenge our customers to approach new technologies and opportunities in existing as well as newly developed products.



We want to ask you:

• How do you ensure product lifetime? In relation to competitors/customers/market situation in 5 to 10 years?
• How do you avoid short term continuous updates – version 2.1, 2.2?
• Will you let CREADIS test your ideas for a future product, before you implement and produce it?



Let DIScover be a part of your upcoming projects.

DIS/CREADIS strives to complete all tasks using the best professional expertise and draws on extensive experience. We therefore do not hesitate to make use of external partners to complete projects, if this will ensure the best possible results for our customers. We have close, long-term relationships with a number of partners who offer complimentary services in the following areas:



• Working environment and associated competencies
• Lean/Six Sigma production
• Aluminium expertise
• A large network of subcontractors for the production of components and other equipment
• Close, long-term contact with various specialists


Get access to specialized competences globally in a scalable and effective way with our Global Team setup.


A Global Team works across borders and can take all kinds of tasks, giving you as a customer access to specialist knowledge and a faster process from challenge to solution.
With a Global Team setup, you can also scale your technology organization and get a high return on investment. Together, we define the need and the right setup for your project and we customize a team to work on it - you can leave the whole team to us and not worry about managing all consultants, supplying office desks, equipment, etc.


High professional standard
We are flexible and through a dialog with you we can tailor a setup that fits your needs.
A Global Team can deliver anywhere in the world executed by the strongest team possible within CREADIS. The team will be close to you and you will be able to take advantage of the right competences regardless of your location. Our employees are trained so that they can handle culture differences and have the awareness of communications issue to deal with it. We have trained more than 100 Global Team leads across functional areas. Everyone has a solid theoretical and practical background and are specialists in their respective fields of expertise.


The value creation
The measurable values created by a Global Team are:
• Scalability through global support
• One point of contact
• Talented and specialized engineers
• Full focus on technical issues
• Less management of tasks
• Validated business cooperation model
• Less risk of communication issues
• High return on investment



Our services
Our services include:
• Collaboration across borders
• Working across industries and functions
• Working remotely across cultures
• Effective process from challenge to solution
• Scaling your technology organization
• Tailoring a setup that fits your needs
• 100 trained Global Team leads
• Highly scalable and flexible team members



All data is processed and protected according to our ISO9001 certification. Our offices offer project hotels with individually locked doors so that you as a customer can define, who have access to the project hotel. We also handle transport of IT equipment across borders.


What our customers say about Global Team:

"We have worked with Global Teams for a couple of years now. The advantage for us to have one consultant placed in our office and up to 5 consultants behind him is that we have one point of contact. This way, our own people do not have to coordinate with five consultants, but only with the one sitting in our office. In principle, we get five persons’ work by speaking with only one. It gives us a simpler flow of information, as the coordination of sub-tasks is handled by DIS. Obviously, it does require that we define our work packages well."
- Manager Christian Krogh, Vestas


"The advantage of working with a Global Team is the flexibility it provides. We have one person from DIS in our office, who manages the tasks sent out to his team of DIS consultants. We can launch a project and ramp up in no time – and if necessary ramp down again. When we hire people, we need to be sure to have a consistent amount of work for them for a while."
- Mechanical engineering staff manager Jonas Marsbøl, Gomspace


With CREADIS you get:
• 20+ years of experience
• 700+ highly qualified engineers
• 25 nationalities with a cross-cultural mindset
… all passionate about technology and in finding the right solution for our customers.



We use our compentencies to create value for all industries ranging from wind
energy to optimization of industrial manufacturing.


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