We contribute to securing basic necessities now and in the future – in a sustainable manner


Many people can probably agree on the importance of promoting renewable energy and helping developing countries. At DIS/CREADIS, we have long supported taking action, both in regard to customers’ projects and employees’ volunteer work. 


One of our core tasks at DIS/CREADIS is to contribute to the development of renewable energy production. Our strength lies particularly in wind energy, where we help customers with many sustainable projects, to increase the proportion of green energy now and for future generations.


With more than 20 years of experience, DIS/CREADIS has built up a unique knowledge of the industry and is a leader in consulting and technical know-how. This applies to both developing specific components and designing and planning large-scale wind farms. Read more about our wind solutions.




Examples of sustainable projects we have helped customers with:



The TetraSpar project, where we developed floating foundations that enable offshore wind turbines to stand at very great sea depths.


We have been responsible for product certifications and documentation of methanol-based solutions that can create green energy.


New offshore wind farms where we have delivered electrical design.




With the LIFELINK project, the population in the poorest regions need only use a mobile phone to get safe drinking water. We developed the pilot project and the first prototype, as well as the construction of the actual bottling unit.


Collaboration with Engineers Without Borders


In several countries in Africa and South America, access to clean water, sanitation and energy is still a challenge. Employees at DIS/CREADIS will try to change this with the “Meaningful Work” initiative.


We donate working hours and resources to "Meaningful Work" so that employees can travel to developing countries and work on infrastructure projects that ensure clean drinking water or other basic necessities locally.


Our employees regularly participate in charitable projects in collaboration with the NGO Engineers Without Borders. Participation is voluntary, but there is great support from the entire organization, which also contributes financially. For example, employees have previously participated in projects in Sierra Leone to set up solar panels and installations on a water tower.

More tail wind for green energy  


At DIS/CREADIS, we are members of several organizations working to promote renewable energy. This includes State of Green, which bridges the gap between specific challenges and companies that can deliver sustainable solutions.


In addition, we are also a member of Southeastern Wind Coalition, The American Clean Power Association and Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy, which is focused on promoting renewable energy through women in the industry.