The medicine distributor 2care4 identified a need to structure all their data to have an optimal utilization of their knowledge. A new digital platform and optimized data processes ensure this.


The European medicine distributor 2care4 receive and process large amounts of data every day, which among other helps to determine and monitor their product range. For many years, the company has worked with digitization and the support of workflow and decision-making processes digitally. However, 2care4 had reached a point where the company needed to restructure systems and data, and therefore a project was defined to develop a new digital platform.


In connection with the development of the new digital platform, DIS acted as a sparring partner and also assisted with the software and data architecture as well as the optimization of 2care4’s internal processes and decisions.


Standard solutions ensure data driven decisions in the future
Previously, the way that 2care4 did data imports presented a great risk, where possible data errors would not be detected until the end-user stage. In addition, 2care4 were vulnerable because they were dependent on individuals and because each data import was unique.


- In DIS we had a partner who was good at getting the organization in order and at challenging us by asking the right questions. Specifically, we were challenged on the actual data structure, where one of our big discussions was on data imports – we were uncertain whether to choose a standard system or develop our own. In the end, DIS convinced us to use a standard solution for all data imports, where the data is cleaned and structured. In the short perspective, it has taken time to structure all of our inputs, but we are certain that in the long run, we will have a simpler system that allows us to use our programming resources where they generate the most value, says Conni Fuglsang, Project Manager at 2care4.


Today, 2care4 have a much better overview of their products and have an analysis tool that reflects the way they wish to do analysis, as well as a system which is easier to maintain. Now, the same important data are structured in a standard database and are ensuring that 2care4 can make the right decisions in the future.