Production plants are in constant development to support the shifting needs or requirements both internally and externally. One of our customers from North America has experienced it first-hand with their numerous plants across the country. The plants had a different layout and equipment with various additions made to each without them being reflected in the building documentation.


When it was time to implement automation into the operation, updated documentation became a necessity.  A recreation of accurate P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams) and GA (general arrangement) drawings required extensive knowledge and outside help and DIS/CREADIS were up for the challenge. The primary reason being DIS/CREADIS’ capabilities within plant engineering: electrical, automation and structural system integration combined with the front-end service of 3D scanning. This offer reduces the demand for high customer engagement and effort since there is only one supplier to interact with.


Our customer received fully processed 3D scans together with documentation for 6 production plant sites and DIS/CREADIS is preparing for providing the same service to numerous sites over the upcoming two years.

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