Oftentimes service contracts can be passed through multiple hands of OEMs and the wind industry is no exception. An expired service contract of a wind turbine has been taken over from one OEM by another. After the takeover, our customer needed to develop a major component exchange procedure and maintenance documentation due to limited access to as-built data.



DIS/CREADIS stepped in and conducted a 2-day site scan of both externals and internals of the tower and its details such as the machine head and blades. After the scan has taken place, it was time for processing of the developed scans and designing the 3D CAD models. The customer decided what level of detail of the models they require to support their future plans with addition of measurements of critical components such as bolt patterns, cable runs, ladders, key interfaces. They also received all Point Cloud data and spherical imagery.



Based on the recreated plans, the customer gains an opportunity to repurpose the information for designing custom tools such as blade stands. DIS/CREADIS has broad experience in the wind industry, and specifically designing wind turbine components and subsystems, thus we can offer advisory services and engineering support on documentation, adapters, tools, and similar elements. DIS/CREADIS is ready to support our customers when the occasion rises.

3D Scanning in Onshore and Offshore Wind 


One of our 3D scanning specialties is capturing images of onshore and offshore wind infrastructure and equipment.



Our technicians are certified by the Global Wind Organization (GWO) and have extensive knowledge of turbines from leading OEMs. They also have all the gear and PPE necessary to climb turbines and complete work safely and efficiently.