Plant Engineering: Alternative Fuel Separation Line including unloading, storage, feeding, pneumatic conveying and injection




Progressive companies around the world are turning to alternative fuels to power operations in a wide range of industries. For cement producer, Cemex Polska, a division of a Mexican multinational building materials company, that alternative fuel is rubber or waste, and effective alternative fuel feeding lines are essential.


Tire or waste-derived fuel can produce approximately the same amount of energy as oil and 25% more energy than coal. However, the rubber cord and waste used as fuel are not always as clean as it should be.


Cemex turned to CREADIS and our alternative fuels experts for help with systems that move, store and feed rubber into a calciner and to remove metals and other impurities from waste.


  • Increasing capacity for troublesome material - rubber cord
  • Lack of Ex standards and fire-fighting
  • Merge of the new line and existing plant (piping, structure, process, filtration system)
  • CAPEX estimate



Essential to our solution was addressing the explosion hazards in this type of operation. Cemex Polska did not have “Ex standards,” so helping them develop these standards was part of our task as we created designs for merging a new fuel line into existing plant operations. This included piping, structure, processes and a filtration system.


We also provided Cemex Polska with multiple options for meeting their requirements and the price quotes for those options. This enabled the company to select a solution that met their needs while staying within their budget.


Ultimately, the CREADIS team crafted a comprehensive alternative fuel separation lines solution—from architectural and electrical design concepts indicating necessary technology, to 3D models, to assistance with securing the necessary government approvals and permitting.


  • Explosion hazard analysis, selection of ATEX zoning, applying ATEX standard
  • Site survey
  • Innovative design leading to upgrade of existing process technology and integration with modern equipment
  • Fire-protection and fire-fighting system design
  • Liaising with OEM equipment suppliers



Today, Cemex Polska has operational, state-of-the-art, alternative fuel feeding and separation lines and a system that automatically delivers a consistent feed of clean, high-quality rubber cord fuel. It also has ample buffer storage to keep the plant functioning if fuel shortages are encountered.


An innovative approach to the company’s unique challenges, the system was developed by taking basic industry best practices and applying the skills and experience of our engineers to them to produce the optimal solution.


  • Safe, high-efficient alternative dosing line enhanced with additional fire safety features
  • Increased functionality
  • Buffer storage
  • High feed consistency




CREADIS engineers have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of bulk material handling processes and systems, including:


  • Production, separation, drying and enrichment of RDF-based fuel blends
  • Waste-2-Energy plants
  • Alternative raw materials plants for clinker production (process decarbonization)
  • Analysis of heat exchanger towers including pre-calciner burners—safety optimization and static-dynamic model analysis
  • Thermal analysis of heat exchanger tower process piping
  • Pulverized coal production plants
  • Process steam production plants with dual gas boiler systems
  • Replacement of filter systems in all departments: milling, clinker production and additive–contaminants reduction
  • Alternative fuel drying systems for rotary kilns—collection, separation and storage systems
  • Clinker silo reclaimer system efficiency enhancements, along with relocation and improvement of slag storage
  • Implementation of sampling systems for cement plants and trucks
  • Mobile systems for dust-free unloading of clinker from trucks and transport to storage
  • Custom equipment–sampling station, magnetic separator, etc.