The hi-fi manufacturer DALI has gone 'all in' in developing an interface box with wireless communication for speakers as well as streaming; an interface box where DIS has been responsible for the design, print layout, and hardware verification, as well as support on software.


The Danish hi-fi manufacturer DALI has a distinctly different product in the pipeline, namely the DALI Sound Hub interface box, which has wireless communication for speakers and the option to do streaming – a solution that, according to DALI, will build bridges between the classic hi-fi segment and the convenience segment.


Developing a high quality interface box with wireless communication was a task that required resources that DALI did not have in-house in the organization, and that is why they contacted DIS.


- We needed a partner with strong skills and many years of experience who could take overall responsibility for the design and implementation of the interface box, a task that DIS has performed to our full satisfaction, says Jakob Koed, Engineering Manager at DALI.


In the development of the interface box, DIS has been responsible for the design, print layout, and hardware verification, as well as support on software.


Construction of the interface box
The design was based on a 32-bit ARM processor and a Digital Signal Processor, a microprocessor specially developed for signal processing. The interface box has wireless digital and analog inputs and outputs. In the case of designs with fast digital signals, it is important to focus on reducing high-frequency electrical noise, which is ensured in this case by simulating signal integrity for the fast digital signals.


The actual development of the prints took place with close interaction between mechanical and electronic skills, especially in relation to the coordination of restrictions on the mechanical structure and integration of the prints in the mechanics.


The design has been verified in terms of meeting requirements regarding quality, stability, and, in particular, product recognition, such as CE marking.


- Developing a good, stable hardware design presents a great challenge, as it must be recognized by the environmental certifications available. A large part of DIS' work has been to create a product of such quality that it can be awarded the different types of approvals and, in doing so, perform all pretests on the system, says Jakob Koed. Not least because it must be possible to sell the product worldwide and therefore obtain a wide range of approvals.


DALI, which has gone 'all in' in developing wireless communication for speakers, has great expectations for the finished results and expects to have the new interface box on sale before the end of 2017.


DALI - Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries - has designed, developed, and produced hi-fi speakers for more than 30 years with only one goal: Honest, undisguised sound reproduction. DALI's headquarters are located in Nørager near Hobro, Denmark, and today it is one of the leading providers of high performance speakers on the market for home use.