Fette Compacting is a technology and world-market leader in the area of machinery for industrial tablet and capsule production. When the company needed to relieve their internal electrical engineering department for a limited period of time, they contacted DIS’ German subsidiary CREADIS.


In addition to reviewing and proofing master plans and preparing production and customer plans, CREADIS also took over the programming of a script for creating an I/O table as well as the building and expansion of symbol databases for the development of interconnecting plans.


The task of preparing the P&ID plans, i.e. flowcharts of pipelines and instruments for the master projects, proved to be a challenge. The electrical engineer was required to have additional specialist knowledge of construction and process engineering. In addition, it was necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the customer’s machines including all the work processes.
Therefore, CREADIS had to thoroughly learn the entire manufacturing process and all the relevant standards to be able to make the necessary adjustments of the E³-database, to update the relevant components of the master projects and to prepare plans in close and regular cooperation with the responsible employees from Fette Compacting. Due to excellent cooperation and respectful and focused dialogues between all the involved parties, successful solutions were found and implemented.


Heinrich Behrmann, Head of Electrical Design at Fette Compacting was pleased with the cooperation:


- It was a good decision to get CREADIS on board to assist us. We simply did not have the resources to process some specific projects. By bringing in CREADIS, we saved a lot of time and on top of it we received high quality and great professional knowledge. The cooperation was profitable and provided us with some fresh inputs.


Photo: LTM Group