J.N. Bech needed external advice and input on how to optimize the production flow. On that note, DIS has completed a pre-project and delivered a new inspection and packaging line.


The company J.N. Bech produces daily many customer specific orders, which are typically produced, packaged and shipped from day to day. An increase in the product mix and in sales meant that the company had to re-think their set-up to avoid increasing the production area and number of employees. J.N. Bech got in touch with DIS to discuss the options for production improvements.


After the initial dialogues and presentations, the task was initiated at the factory in Randers with two observation days. It was followed by a workshop facilitated by DIS at J.N. Bech that also included the operators. DIS prepared an idea catalogue with improvement suggestions for the production. The ideas were prioritized in close cooperation with Camilla and Carsten Bech.
The focus of the pre-project was on the space-consuming packaging line, which at times turned into a bottleneck. The packaging areas were distributed throughout the production, where, for example handling of the heavy glass panes often resulted in interruptions in the flow due to the need for coordination between the operators.


The pre-project revealed additional saving opportunities
The pre-project was described in an evaluation report together with a proposed layout. The result was one processing line where one operator will be able to operate it with a traverse crane with lifting/turning hooks and specially designed sections for inspection, tilting and packaging.

- We were continuously involved, and a number of good solutions were uncovered in our cooperation with DIS during the analyses phase. Somewhat surprisingly, this phase also revealed that several types of packaging could be optimized, thereby reducing inventory on cardboard, wood and foam lists, says Carsten Bech.


Production time reduced by 35 percent
J.N. Bech subsequently chose to get DIS to develop and manufacture the new inspection and packaging line and they have been very satisfied with the cooperation throughout the process.


- We were comfortable with the professional cooperation from start to finish. We were continuously involved and informed and everyone was prepared to meet our expectations and deliver the very best results. The investment has improved the working environment in the packaging department and optimized the packaging process by up to 35 percent, says Camilla Bech.


J.N. Bech is a family-owned company founded in 1896. The company produces unique glass and mirror solutions and all products are of Danish design and produced in Denmark. Keywords are quality combined with a high level of service and predictability. The special passion for glass has been in the family for generations and today the company is run by the 4th generation of the Bech family.