In collaboration with KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS, DIS has developed a robotic solution which will be available in sterilization centers in Danish hospitals as well as hospitals abroad.


KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is an innovative company with more than 70 years of experience in the development, production, sales and service of disinfecting dishwashers, lavatory basin washers and laboratory dishwashers as well as dishwashers for industrial kitchens, and the food and pharma industry.


DIS and KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS have previously worked together on different projects. This time DIS was asked to develop a robot solution that would be able to work in an everyday setting with the employees at sterilization centers. The system was named KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS AL10.


The requirements for the robot solution were that KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS AL10 should be incorporable into everyday routines at a sterilization center and automate the tasks that require a lot of manual labor and waiting time. It was required to be able to transport wash racks from point a to point b, relieving the staff from transport tasks as well as from twists in backs and legs. Furthermore, the robot had to make loading and unloading the washing machines more efficient, so that staff are not required to be ready at all times. Of course the robot solution also had to be reliable and self-rechargeable as well as safe to use in relation to relevant directives and standards.


Based on DIS’ expertise within mechanics, electronics and software, as well as project management, a robot solution was developed consisting of a lifting/lowering function, a connection function and a push/pull function. These special developed functions were built on to a robot from MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots), which fully auto­mated transports wash racks to the washing machines, collects wash racks after a wash and delivers the racks to a given destination.


- When we got the idea for AL10 at KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS it was natural for us to contact DIS, as they have all the required skills necessary for the development of such a robotic solution. We have worked closely with DIS before and know each other well. DIS has always delivered professional and high quality solutions and we felt that we could safely leave this task with DIS, says Kim S. Rasmussen R&D Director at KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS.


KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS AL10 will be tested at selected hospitals where KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS are looking forward to seeing if AL10 will fulfill the expectations that both they as well as the customers have for the new robotic solution.


The robot was introduced at the world’s largest medical exhibition in Düsseldorf in November 2016 where it drew a lot of attention from customers, vendors and competitors.


The KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS AL10 has a patent pending.