DIS develops and does calculations on bus shelter.


The uniquely designed bus shelter created by the architectural firm Holscher Design is part of the look of Aarhus city. DIS has supported the company Mekoprint to further develop and do test calculations on the shelter, which needed a re-design so they among other could become 8 meters long instead of the original 4 meters.


Mekoprint is a Danish high-tech company with 500 employees in offices in Denmark, Eastern Europe and Asia. Primarily, the company produces and supplies components such as; welded structures or solutions, metal signs, sheet metal components, aluminum profiles and customized cable solutions. Among other, Mekoprint supplies materials, spare parts, and product solutions for AFA JCDecaux, who have specialized in various solutions for cities and outdoor-advertising. JCDecaux Sweden got in touch with Mekop­rint to further develop and produce a bus shelter when they were given the task of equip­ping the Swedish city Gävle, placed North of Stockholm with new bus shelters.


The further development of the bus shelter required skills that Mekoprint did not pos­sess in their organization and therefore they contacted DIS to obtain the required skills.


- I know DIS really well from previous projects and I have previously benefitted greatly from using their expertise and consultants. Therefore, it was an easy decision to contact DIS when we needed help in solving this task and especially in solving the challenges on the calculations’ part, says Jakob Stautz, Business Unit Director at Mekoprint.


DIS developed a design where the bus shelter has grown from the original length of 4 meters to 8 meters. DIS did all the necessary calculations for the new bus shelters to meet the required Swedish standards. Furthermore, DIS produced 3D-models that were used in various presentation materials and made suggestions for user manuals explaining how to assemble and install the various parts of the shelter, when the entire structure is to be built.


- We have been pleased with the project execution and have experienced a great commitment from DIS. We realize that we are probably a small customer in comparison to other customers at such a large engineering company, but the consultants from DIS have done a really good job and we have felt that we got a little bit more than we expected, explains Jakob Stautz.


Mekoprint is in the final production maturing process of the bus shelter and the first shelters are scheduled for delivery in August 2017.