In the development of the MJK Chatter®, DIS was called in.


In the development of the MJK Chatter®, DIS contributed with a detailed design and the construction concept and assisted and monitored the development during the construction and tool manufacturing process.


Chatter® is used in water supply systems to measure and monitor water levels in production and inspection wells.


DIS developed a simple system where the same standard unit fits the drilling pipes from 50 mm to 110 mm, and where all electronics are mounted in the top / lid. Additionally, the device is secured against vandalism by locking the top and bottom of the device.


The project was carried out in close cooperation with MJK Automation.


MJK Automation is a leading supplier of equipment for measurement and control for drinking water treatment, sewage water and industrial applications. World-wide supply and servicing of equipment is performed through subsidiary companies and a network of authorised distributors.