When PBI-Dansensor had to develop a new gas mixer, DIS was involved to perform the mechanical engineering and industrial design.


PBI-Dansensor was responsible for the software and hardware development of a new gas mixer and DIS was involved to manage and perform the mechanical development and industrial design of the product. The project was solved in close cooperation between engineers from PBI-Dansensor and DIS engineers and designers.


The new product employs an entirely new operating principle to advance the accuracy, operation and appearance of a gas mixer. It is water and dust proof, and even with an active ventilator the product meets IP 45. The gas mixer has incorporated retrofit options, modularisation and customer-configurable solutions, which improves the maintainability significantly. Finally, the time used for assembly was reduced by half.


PBI-Dansensor is the world leader in the so-called "modified atmosphere packaging” technology for the food industry. The Danish company, with headquarters in Ringsted, operates worldwide, with subsidiaries in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and USA. The company develops and manufactures high-quality gas mixers and analysis equipment for the food industry. The equipment can mix up to three gases, which creates a protective atmosphere for packaged foods, and thereby preserves food quality after wrapping.