In a cooperation with Pindstrup Mosebrug DIS has been in charge of the development and construction of a wood fiber factory in Latvia, where a de-fibrator converts wood chips to wood fibers which are a supplement added to sphagnum.


In connection with the construction of a new wood fiber factory in Latvia, Pindstrup Mosebrug needed DIS competences. An old paper machine had to be refurbished and optimized, so that it could be used to make wood fibers. In addition, an efficient flow had to be established for the entire production.


In close cooperation with Pindstrup Mosebrug, DIS was responsible for the development of the production line with a workflow from the input of raw materials (woodchips), the separation of un-wanted metals in the woodchips, transport of the woodchips to the de-fibrator, processes around the purchased de-fibrator and transport of the finished product (wood fiber) to warehouses and platforms. The development of the factory was focused on Pindstrup Mosebrug’s own experiences and safety restrictions. Following, DIS provided advise on the refurbishment and optimization of the assembly of the de-fibrator.


- It was obvious that we needed to get touch with DIS, as they have the competences we needed in connection with the construction of our new wood fiber factory, where the starting point was an old and worn paper machine. Today we have a smooth-running production plant, but it was a major task where we ran into several challenges; none that could not be solved, but it has been really comforting to have a partner like DIS on the sidelines, says Simon Søe, director of Pindstrup Mosebrug in Latvia.


Today Pindstrup Mosebrug has an efficient and modern wood fiber factory, where the refurbished paper machine makes woodchips into wood fiber for use in the production of sphagnum via thermal de-fibration


Based in Denmark and with production facilities in Latvia, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Denmark and Great Britain Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of substrates for professional gardeners and private consumers.