The interaction between the measuring technology and the computers’ control system had to be optimized at Plastic Omnium in order to achieve an improved simulation of collisions. For the task, Plastic Omnium got in touch with DIS’ German subsidiary CREADIS.


As a system supplier of automotive exterior components, Plastic Omnium uses simulated collisions for validation when developing components. To reconstruct the collisions, Plastic Omnium uses a pendulum equipped with sensors, and a program controls the required test stand. The collision simulation software had to be upgraded to an updated technical level, which is why Plastic Omnium contacted CREADIS.


CREADIS carried out an analysis of the system to identify the improvement and implementation potential. In connection with the analysis, it was found that there was not much improvement potential in the mechanical part of the system, but that the software had very promising improvement opportunities.


In connection with the optimization, the CREADIS expert implemented the updated software and adapted it optimally to the environment. In addition, CREADIS installed a computer that is compatible with the newly installed software, resulting in an update of the system’s technical level, so that it will be able to deliver the required results according to standards also in the future.


- Through their competent and committed working method, CREADIS quickly mastered the task, which resulted in a user-friendly software solution, says Sabine Wagner, Manager Central Lab at Plastic Omnium.


Plastic Omnium operates internationally in the automotive and plastic processing industry. The company develops and produces automotive exterior components as well as full supply systems. Regular safety tests are carried out in the production facility.