DIS/CREADIS designs unique solution for PP Techniq’s new Blade Access Platform ‘SQYFlex’



DIS/CREADIS was hired by PP Techniq A/S, a company specializing in technical solutions for blade repair & maintenance to the global wind industry, to design a new blade access platform within only 6 months. A challenge DIS/CREADIS happily accepted.

More specifically, the final concept was intended to set a whole new standard for blade access platforms and become a preferred solution in the blade repair market, both onshore and offshore. The platform needed to ensure minimum assembly time on site while still being flexible and without compromising safety for the crew working on the platform. A great benefit for both service companies and wind turbine owners.



For DIS/CREADIS, this was a great challenge and it required collaboration from several engineers with specialized competencies to succeed. A team of 13 DIS/CREADIS engineers with a strong mix of competencies within structural calculations, mechanical design, electrical design, functional safety as well as project management was put together. Each resource was handpicked to create the right solution for the customer.



To create a strong basis for the project, PP Techniq and DIS/CREADIS jointly prepared a clear product requirement specification and defined the scope of work. The project was executed from a DIS project
hotel, where PP Techniq worked several times a week. The presence secured regular interaction between the teams which ensured the optimal solutions for the new platform design.



- By setting the right team from the start and having PP Techniq present with the DIS project team, we were able to meet the customer requirements and design a product that partly utilizes off-the-shelf technologies, solutions and mechanisms seen in other industries, but custom designed to fit the purpose and keep the overall weight and cost low, says Danny Lai Laursen, Engineering Manager at DIS/CREADIS.



The result was ‘SQYFlex’, a unique tower guided blade access platform, which is designed to seamlessly reach more than 16 meters from the tower while changing shape according to the blade geometry and allowing the technicians to perform safe and high-quality blade repairs from root to tip on most blades. The platform has a rated payload of a record high 550 kg and is equipped with three hoists, which ensures the best solution in the market.



- We introduced a challenging requirement specification and a tight deadline to the team at DIS. We are impressed with their approach, dedication, and flexibility during the design phase. Furthermore, our customers are very happy with the performance of the SQYFlex blade access platform, which is the ultimate stamp of approval, says Jesper Juhl, CEO at PP Techniq A/S.