CREADIS, DIS’ German subsidiary, has upgraded the wind turbine manufacturer Senvion’s existing series of test stands.


In order to meet future demands for network stability, the wind turbine manufacturer Senvion introduced the new generation 3.XM NES (Next Electrical System) in the market in 2015. The systems were designed for use in a 60Hz AC voltage network in the American and Canadian market. As a result, it became necessary to expand the nacelle’s test facilities. With CREADIS’ experience with high-voltage electronics in wind turbines and in setting up test stands, the expansion of the test stands in Bremerhafen and Trampe were completed last spring successfully.


Specifications, development and manufacture of inverters and simulation parts, as well as the commissioning of these, concept development and the development of a semi-automatic test stand were the main tasks performed by the CREADIS project engineers.


After defining the specifications CREADIS coordinated and monitored the production, delivery and installation of the units. Included in CREADIS’ delivery was also the training of Senvion employees. Completing the delivery and implementing the new system while the company did ongoing serial production at both production sites provided an even more exciting challenge for the engineers.


The communication and cooperation between Senvion and CREADIS went very well, tasks were completed on schedule and the project delivered as planned. The result was five new converters, six identical simulators and a user-friendly and optimized test software delivered in the spring of 2016 and successfully put into operation.