Danish SerEnergy is among the world’s leading providers of methanol-based fuel cell development and production, and the entire ecosystem behind the company is completely sustainable.


The sources are solar and wind energy, and methanol which is used in the process for storing the energy. It is a water-soluble and easily biodegradable chemical, which today is most commonly used industrially. This equals zero CO2 emissions, which is something the whole world is demanding, and that SerEnergy is currently working on. DIS has been part of the mission.


Methanol-based solutions that provide green energy for stationary plants, vehicles, ships and heating of homes have become more and more common as sustainable alternatives in recent years. This because methanol can be produced from renewable energy sources. The areas of application of the technology are many, and currently the potentials are qualified and documented as the products mature. The market’s providers are characterized by being few and young companies, but they are growing.


At SerEnergy, a changeover from research-based to commercialized business is currently underway, which involves an industrialization. Typically, companies in such transformation will be challenged on processes that require product maturation, improvement of production methods and processes, and strategies for market penetration with a strong focus on scalable customer segments. And this is also the situation at SerEnergy.


According to SerEnergy’s Director of Development, Morten Hougaard, the challenges the company faces include a momentary business model that requires a very adaptable organization, which has also been the starting point for the cooperation with DIS: “Our internal set-up of resources and competences must meet reality with flexibility. We must be ready for scalability and at the same time ensure availability of specialist skills when needs arise. Internally in relation to continuously developing our processes, but also in relation to development-oriented projects in shorter periods, which call for competences that we do not have in-house and will not have the need for long term. In this situation, we are happy we are able to obtain professional assistance from DIS who, in a global network of skilled engineers, has the full range of specialist skills”.

ABOUT SerEnergy

SerEnergy is a world-leading developer and supplier of methanol-based fuel cell solutions. The company is headquartered in Aalborg, where production facilities are also located, as well as offices in India and the Philippines with a total of 80 employees.
The company was founded in 2006 and is owned by the Fischer Group, which has sites in 8 countries, 20 international subsidiaries and approximately 2800 employees.


SerEnergy has a strong focus on scalable customer segments and today there are more than a thousand active SerEnergy units worldwide. DIS has coordinated and delivered the technical file for the CE declaration on the company’s latest range of products. This has been done with a Global Team set-up where SerEnergy has drawn on DIS resources in both Poland and Denmark using a one-point-of-contact.