In the production area of the film and packaging manufacturer SKY-LIGHT, there is now a flexible packaging system, for which DIS has developed a weighing, sorting, packaging, and packing system that can handle different roll sizes in regard to both diameter and width.


The film and packaging manufacturer SKY-LIGHT had invested in a production plant where the finished products were packaged using heavy manual processes that were not optimal in terms of working environment and safety.


The new plant had to be able to handle rolls weighing between 200 kg and 1800 kg, which meant that the packaging system needed to be very flexible with the option of adjusting the system for nine different packing methods without compromising safety, user-friendliness, or the working environment. The development task required resources that SKY-LIGHT did not have internally in the organization, and they therefore contacted DIS, which took over the development, construction, design, setup, assembly, and commissioning of the plant.


Close collaboration
The collaboration between DIS and SKY-LIGHT started with a pilot project, in which DIS facilitated several rounds of workshops with employees from the two companies, where possible solutions and ideas were jointly generated, discussed, and evaluated. On this basis, DIS conducted an analysis and continued to develop concepts and ideas with ongoing evaluation by and dialog with SKY-LIGHT, which resulted in the proposal for the flexible packaging system that SKY-LIGHT operates today.


DIS has developed a weighing, sorting, packaging, and packing system that can handle different roll sizes in terms of both diameter and width.


- It was a project that started with a piece of blank paper and ended with a very flexible and stable packaging system that has generally run smoothly since day one, with a couple of small adjustments in the first few days, which is actually not very normal when setting up a new production plant. So, the preparatory work was done well, says Claus Skovbo, Supervisor at SKY-LIGHT.


A reliable plant
The film and packaging manufacturer had actually planned to build a high-tech robot plant but ended up with an operator-controlled, semi-automatic plant that is largely based on simple, reliable solutions.


- It has been a very reliable plant, which has replaced a number of manual and physical, heavy functions, and it runs 24/7, which has significantly increased productivity. The plant is also several notches above the benchmark in terms of safety. It was clear that we were working with experienced consultants used to building large machinery, says Claus Skovbo, who refers to the plant as a stable, future-proof roll handling plant with a safe working environment.


SKY-LIGHT, which is located in Varde, Denmark, is one of Europe’s leading companies in the development, design, and manufacturing of extruded plastic film and thermoformed plastic packaging.