The digital transition has also reached Svane Shipping, and with a new strategy in hand, digitalization of the manual processes has begun.




As part of Svane Shipping’s growth strategy they wanted to digitalize the manual work processes of the family business.


- Digitalization is surrounded by some sort of mystery. I think there are many who want to get started, but where do you start, what do you get out of it, what does it cost and who do you contact, says Jesper Hansson, Director of Svane Shipping.


The Kolding based company applied for EU funding for digital transition and strategy projects and was granted financial support, after which the digital strategy began. In the spring of 2019, the company was ready to find the right partner to work with and based on a recommendation they chose DIS.


- DIS has helped us involve our employees in the idea. We experienced some internal resistance towards the new digital direction, but we got off to a good start, and now where we have digitalized 50 percent of the company, I have not heard anyone say that they would rather go back to the old setup. The manual tasks have become easier, as the paperwork now takes place digitally on any device, regardless of whether you use a mobile phone, tablet, notebook or stationary PC, says Jesper.


Huge financial savings

DIS prepared the entire digitalization structure which contains seven steps. It was decided that the first digital platform to be developed was a digital check-in.


At Svane Shipping, goods are primarily delivered by ship and subsequently picked up by trucks from the company’s terminals and warehouses; until very recently, the latter process involved a lot of manual paperwork. Now the drivers can enter and get information about their loads via their phone, tablet or computer. After implementing the new work process, each check-in has become 10-15 minutes shorter - a large financial saving on an annual basis both for the shipping company and for drivers and customers.


- My definite recommendation is to find a good partner who can help you get started, so that you as a company will be stronger in the digital future. We believe in long-term collaborations, which is why we have also chosen DIS to complete the final steps in our digital strategy, says Jesper.


For Svane Shipping, the result of the digitalization has meant a better overview, reduction in processing time, increased security, increased traceability and better finances at all levels.


About Svane Shipping
Svane Shipping is a total supplier of shipping services - from chartering and ship clearance, through stevedoring and terminal solutions, to freight forwarding. The family company was founded in 1926 and is one of the oldest shipping companies in Denmark. The company has strong roots at the Port of Kolding, with approx. 63,000 m2 of warehouses and terminals, as well as approximately 10,000 m2 of warehouses at the Port of Køge and it has subsidiaries and associated companies in England, Poland and Latvia.