Unique lifting equipment for fitting VELUX roof windows make installers work more efficiently.


The VELUX Group is one of the leading companies in the development, production and sale of roof windows and has a large and broad range of roof windows and products related to them. The VELUX Group is represented globally, and it was an inquiry by VELUX in Germany, that kick started a partnership between the VELUX Group and DIS and initiated this project.


DIS’ task was to develop a tool for technicians who install VELUX roof windows in the German market. Some windows are as large as 1340x1600 mm, which can be difficult to handle for an installer. Offering this solution, the VELUX Group provides installers with a practical solution that can help and facilitate their work in the handling and installation of roof windows.


The VELUX group presented a problem and a number of requirements which had to be met for the desired tool. Throughout the project, DIS engaged a number of different skills for the development of the concept / product. Among other, DIS produced and supplied 3D and 2D drawings, Finite Element analysis and analytical calculations as well as prototypes and finally the end product.

As an external partner, DIS contributed skills, great commitment and a high degree of flexibility both in the design process and in obtaining and approving the finished product, says Esben Lundsgaard Haubjerg, Project Manager at VELUX Product Development.


DIS tested the prototype in collaboration with the VELUX Group, which throughout the development and creation of the prototype had contributed with experience and knowledge of windows and installation of windows. The final version of the product was accredited with the German CE certification, where DIS was responsible for the CE certification and documentation of the product.