DIS/CREADIS Automation engineers help our customers create innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions - From the initial Design phase through Development and Implementation followed by continuous Operation and Maintenance.


To ensure customer value, we take the lead in Digitalization, Industry 4.0, and Smart-Production related processes.




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Automation Solutions Competencies

Factory automation from A-Z.

From architectural design to implementation with full and detailed documentation, and handover.



Concepts, design, sizing, tests, RCA, documentation, implementation within:


System design:

• Production IT
• Industry 4.0
• Architecture concepts/detailed
• Design
• Implementation/integration
• Simulation


Factory automation:




• PI&D diagrams and documentation


Tools and software:

• Wonderware
• iFix
• Simatic PCS 7


In compliance with standards like S88 (ANSI/ISA-88), local standards and special environment requirements

Are you struggling with Digitalization, Industry 4.0, IoT, a better OEE yield or just want to have your machine, line or full factory automated, we are at your service, and we are only done when it works.



Concepts, design, sizing, tests, RCA, documentation, implementation within:




• Architecture/design
• Implementation/integration
• Simulation
• Production optimization/OEE focus
• IIoT = IT+OT



Machine automation:

• PLC Programming
• Drive conf./setup
• Pneumatic/hydraulic actuators



PLC tools and software:

• Siemens S5, S7, TIA
• Allen Bradley
• Beckhoff
• Omron
• Zuken E3
• SEE electrical (Caddy++)


In compliance with local standards and special environment requirements.

Complex 3D location tasks for robot guidance, outside visible light tasks, accurate measurement challenges or simple location/ID tasks – our machine vision specialists are at your disposal.



Concepts, design, documentation, implementation within:



Computer vision:

• Factory automation/machine vision
• Agriculture
• Surveillance
• Security
• Etc.


Machine vision, 2D/3D:

• Quality control
• Measurements
• Robot guidance
• Laser guidance (welding, cutting, engraving)
• Simple absence/presence detection


Machine vision tools:

• Halcon
• Machine learning, AI
• OpenCV
• Epson
• Cognex
• Gocator

Challenging product-handling tasks and specialized processes in fully automated production-facilities is our expertise.



Concepts, design, documentation, implementation within:




• Handling
• Inspection
• Simulation
• Palletizing
• Pick & Place
• Welding



• Complete robot cell, turnkey solution
• Custom made end-of-arm actuators
• Robot cell machine safety/CE marking
• Robot cell sensors and actuators, infeed/output conveyors
• Communication to higher level controller



• Kuka
• Universal Robots
• Omron
• Fanuc
• Stäubli

Safety is an important part of our daily lives, and we can help ensure that your company complies with the applicable regulatory requirements.



Risk assessment, concept, design, implementation, validation, planning, compliance within: ​



New, existing and updated machinery:​

• Complete functional safety project handling​
• Specific directives and standards​
• Documentation package​
• Compliance certificate​
• FMEA documentation/workshops​
• Concept designs​
• Performance level calculations​
• Cost individual design solution​s
• Optimization​
• Verification/Validation​
• Inspections​
• Compliance checks​
• System implementation​



In compliance with local standards and special environment requirements.

General Electrical design and engineering is a core competence within DIS/CREADIS. This ensures general high quality and value creation.

Concepts, design, documentation, implementation within:




• Architecture concepts/detailed
• Implementation/integration
• Component selection
• Layout & Interface
• Simulation
• Short circuit calculations
• Heat dissipation calculations


Tools and software:

• SEE electrical (Caddy++)
• Zucken E3
• PCSchematic



In compliance with local standards and special environment requirements.

”We know your assets”. By combining our unique design track record with real experience, we reduce operational cost, increase output and remove technical pains.




• Optimization
• Reliability Centered (RCM)
• Condition based monitoring
• CMMS System integration




• Failure mode analysis
• Root cause analysis
• Criticality/risk analysis
• Life cycle cost analysis




• FMECA Facilitation and execution
• Retrofits and upgrades
• Obsolescence
• 3D scanning




• Engineering change management
• Technical documentation
• Master data and RDS-PP

Our ability to design and implement digital solutions. Our highly skilled team provides the knowledge to design, build green or brown field systems.




What is a Smart Factory?

The term describes a highly digitalized and connected environment where machinery and equipment improve processes through an automation and self-optimization platform.




• Production IT
• Digital twin
• Virtual commissioning.
• Machine learning
• AI integration
• Industry 4.0
• IIoT = IT+OT
• Architecture concepts/detailed
• Design
• Implementation/integration
• Architecture/design



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