DIS/CREADIS Embedded Solutions help customers deliver robust and professional solutions in the entire product lifecycle of embedded devices and smart products.


We do this by taking initiative and understanding the way from technical detail to customer value.


Our solutions are based on more than 20 years of experience and the philosophy that easy access to relevant and necessary in-house skills is crucial - and we have this in DIS/CREADIS.




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Embedded Solutions Competencies

DIS/CREADIS hardware engineers provide solutions in the following areas:


• High-Speed Digital Design
• Power electronics
• FPGA development
• Low Power/Power Management
• Integration between controllers and peripherals
• Troubleshooting
• Board bring-up
• Managing obsolete components
• EMC design and testing


We have experience with a number of different testing methods, ensuring top quality every time:


• Functional & validation testing
• Environment testing (temperature, humidity, etc.)

As a customer, you can trust your PCB layout to the experienced PCB designers at DIS/CREADIS. They have a professional approach to PCB design and can utilize a huge in-house knowledge base within PCB and PCB materials. This includes component creation, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing and board population. This ensures a high quality and an optimized product with regards to EMC and design for manufacturing.


DIS/CREADIS offers a high variety of services within PCB technology, like:


• High speed signals with timing constraints
• Power and EMC constraints
• Multi-PCB design in a product
• Antenna and RF designs
• 3D mechanical integration
• Advanced PCB material stack-up
• Designs with blind and hidden vias
• IPC certified foot prints and layouts
• Multilayer, flex and flex-rigid PCB designs
• Integration of component information through CIP portal
• Full integration with testing and production
• Cadence and Altium design tools


We have solid experience with various design methods and ensure top quality every time:


• EMC correct PCB design
• Design for manufacturing
• 3D model of PCB with components
• Layout for 1-12 layers PCB
• High speed simulation
• Documented review process

DIS/CREADIS develops complete embedded software solutions for our customers. We also manage project sub-phases, such as:


• Board bring-up
• Driver & DSP development
• Protocol development
• Platforms, frameworks, infrastructure
• Application development & UIs


We have a strong focus on quality and always incorporate thorough testing into our projects. We employ a number of methods to ensure quality during development, such as:


• Test-driven development
• Test Frameworks
• Testing using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)

Mechanics and electronics are two important aspects of the modern world that control the function and operations involved in modern industries. Combine them, and you get an exciting concept within the industry – mechatronics. We have the competences in-house and are therefore a "ONE STOP SHOP" in relation to mechatronic projects. We use our large network to cover the entire process from idea to finished product and ensure that all requirements are met along the way.


Our mechatronics engineers have extensive experience with:


• Plastic design
• Mechanical design
• Product development and optimization of mechatronic products
• Understands the integration between electronics and mechanics
• Hassle-free 3D integration with HW
• CFD and thermal simulation / analysis for an optimal design
• Technical understanding of product innovation and production design
• Process understanding of product innovation and production design
• Developing design specifications based on user requirements and standards
• Developing prototype solutions to meet design specifications
• Testing and construction of prototypes
• Testing of the final product
• Iterating prototype design to develop complete solutions
• Design journal of the iterative process
• Developing documentation for production needs
• Technical support for product related issues


All electrical components have a limited time on the market before they are phased out and turn obsolete. At this point, component lead time and prices often increase dramatically and your profitability is reduced.


The unfortunate result of this is often unscheduled re-designs that interrupt already scheduled projects. In the worst cases, costly re-certifications and supply chain delays may also result from obsolete components.


With active obsolescence management, this can be avoided as you will know the expected lifetime of your components and will be in full control of your product’s life cycle.




  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Fewer re-designs and re-certifications
  • Cost-out benefits
  • Delivery safety
  • Predictable product life cycles
  • Better utilization of internal resources



To optimize performance and costs while also minimizing the risk of human errors, engineering projects require precise and reliable control solutions for physical systems.


DIS/CREADIS has extensive knowledge and thorough experience within advanced control systems that helps you keep up with the fast paced global digital development and meet market demands.


We have designed control systems for application within a variety of areas such as power and energy, mechatronics and robotics, automotive, aerospace and process plants.



  • Modeling & Simulation Tools: Matlab & Simulink (inc. Stateflow), Octave, Scillab, LabView
  • C/C++/Python/VHDL programming languages
  • Visual Studio
  • Embedded systems: microcontrollers & FPGAs
  • State-of-the-art research & concepts
  • Reverse engineering
  • Control software modelling & development
  • Software development workflows (GIT, JIRA)
  • Software testing (MIL, SIL, PIL, HIL)




Here you can find an extract of some of the different projects we have been involved in.



We use our compentences to create value for all industries ranging from wind
energy to optimization of industrial manufacturing.


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