DIS/CREADIS Mechanics deliver the best mechanical engineering within product development and structural design. We do this through fully implemented solutions and strong understanding of the value chain.


Always creating innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Thriving in- and maintaining an inspiring, learning and knowledge-sharing work-environment.


Our solutions are based on more than 20 years of experience and the philosophy that easy access to relevant and necessary in-house skills is crucial - and we have this in DIS/CREADIS.




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Mechanical Engineering Competencies

”We engineer your ideas”. Covering all disciplines within mechanical design e.g. certifications, 3D modelling and concept development.



Our mechanical design engineers have extensive experience with:


Certifications & technical documentation:

• CE marking & documentation
• Certifications
• Instructions and processes
• Configurations of products and programming
• Update 2D drawings




• Brainstorming and concept development sessions
• Design risk assessment
• 3D modelling in various CAD programs
• Parametric modelling
• Skeleton/modularization
• Cable routing
• Root cause analysis
• Cost optimization
• GPS and tolerance chain analysis
• Various material design, steel/metals, plastics, rubber etc.

Using the most up-to-date tools we calculate, simulate and validate your design regardless of the application.



We solve structural engineering tasks in areas such as:



Statics – Simulation and analysis:

• Static and quasi-static structural analysis
• Fasteners verification
• Buckling analysis
• Fatigue analysis
• Fracture mechanics analysis
• Analysis based on FE methods



Dynamics - Simulation and analysis:

• Flexible and rigid multi-body analysis
• Loads and control systems
- Aero-elastic simulation
- Aero-servo-elastic simulation
• Vibration analysis
- Modal analysis
- Random/forced vibrations
- Vibroacoustic analysis
• Explicit dynamics analysis
- Impact analysis/Drop test analysis
- Deep drawing analysis



Thermo and fluid dynamics:

• Steady state/transient thermal analysis
• Flow analysis – Aerodynamics
• Multi phase flow analysis
• Cooling/heating systems
• Analysis based on CFD methods

We cover the full proces from idea to finalized product, ensuring that all requirements are met.



Our mechanical engineers have extensive experience with:



Concept & product development:

• Market screening
• Brainstorm sessions
• Technology screening
• New concept development
• Concept evaluation
• Smart solutions



Project execution:

• Tailored project process
• Allocated decision board
• Interface alignment internally with:
- Project management
- Automation

Based on our extensive experience within the wind industry, we cover all aspects of the turbine development. From the initial thought to the final product.



Our mechanical engineers have extensive experience with:



Development of solutions:

• Component design
• Yaw motion system
• Nacelle cover
• Large castings
• Blade design



Manufacturing and assembly:

• Construction and planning
• Lifting and transportation
• Auxiliary equipment



Field operations:

• End of warrenty
• Decommissioning
• Retrofit solutions
• Repowering
• Multi-brand Services
• Obsolescence




• Brainstorm sessions
• Technology screening
• New concept development
• Concept evaluation

Handling all types of bulk material ranging from alternative fuels to protein powder and soil.



Our mechanical engineers have extensive experience with:



Technical documentation

• Feasibility study/ conceptual phase
• Basic/detailed/workshop documentation
• Efficiency increase program
• Alternative fuels substitution analysis



Development of customized machinery and/or industrial process: 

  • Reception system: DISCHARGER station from walking floor or tipping trucks
  • Reception system: CREATOR Station from trucks, front loaders or bulldozers
  • Mechanical conveying: chain, tube/belt conveyor, elevator
  • Processing: magnetic and oversize separation
  • Feeding: DISBIN, screw feeder, belt feeder
  • Pneumatic conveying: DISBLASTER, rotary airlock, kiln/calciner inlet

Our well documented process enables us to systematically identify and implement cost reductions on your products or services.



Our mechanical engineers have extensive experience with:



System optimization:

• Market screening
• Brainstorm sessions
• Technology screening
• New concept development
• Concept evaluation
• Smart solutions



Cost out tools:

• l Trend analysis
• Outsourcing/insourcing
• Lean thinking
• Standardization
• Evaluation
• Modularization-flexibility
• Replace home-developed equipment
• Old technology to new technology

Safety is an important part of our daily lives, and we can help ensure that your company complies with the applicable regulatory requirements.



Risk assessment, concept, design, implementation, validation, planning, compliance within: ​



New, existing and updated machinery:​

• Complete functional safety project handling​
• Specific directives and standards​
• Documentation package​
• Compliance certificate​
• FMEA documentation/workshops​
• Concept designs​
• Performance level calculations​
• Cost individual design solution​s
• Optimization​
• Verification/Validation​
• Inspections​
• Compliance checks​
• System implementation​



In compliance with local standards and special environment requirements.

”We know your assets”. By combining our unique design track record with real experience, we reduce operational cost, increase output and remove technical pains.



• Optimization
• Reliability Centered (RCM)
• Condition based monitoring
• CMMS System integration



• Failure mode analysis
• Root cause analysis
• Criticality/risk analysis
• Life cycle cost analysis



• FMECA Facilitation and execution
• Retrofits and upgrades
• Obsolescence
• 3D scanning



• Engineering change management
• Technical documentation
• Master data and RDS-PP




Here you can find an extract of some of the different projects we have been involved in.



We use our compentences to create value for all industries ranging from wind
energy to optimization of industrial manufacturing.


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