The expansion of installed wind energy capacity is essential to meeting the demand for affordable and secure green energy. As a dynamic industry, the wind industry must constantly innovate to meet the growing demand. While technological strides allow for greater power generation, they also increase complexity, meaning a greater level of engineering skill and understanding is required to ensure success. With demand set to explode within the decade, the need to simplify and enhance operations has never been greater.


Spurred by customer demand, CREADIS Wind Solutions was created to develop custom solutions for the wind industry. Our core product offering is our end-to-end systems integration solution for navigation aid systems. Known as the Navigation Aid Solution, it provides signals to aircraft and sea vessels, so they maintain a safe distance from wind farms. This protects their precious cargo and the vessel itself, which allows for wind power generation to continue uninterrupted and for journeys to proceed unhindered.


The Navigation Aid Solution is supported by almost a decade of experience within this technology sphere.  Where we once delivered engineering as a service, we now assume full product responsibility and ownership from your OEM. In addition to removing sourcing headaches, it also enables cross-OEM cost optimization and standardization on sub-system level.

We unravel complex supply chains to simplify your development and sourcing needs

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Smart software for security and sustainability
Our Navigation Aid Solution is equipped with an Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) option that detects nearby aviation traffic automatically. This means that wind farms’ aviation obstruction lights can also be turned off when not needed. This results in a reduced need for lighting, which has a positive environmental impact and on nearby residents’ exposure to light pollution, helping to maximize their quality of sleep and their support for wind power. Conforming to the strictest safety and technical requirements, the solution can be adjusted to reflect changes in international and regional standards and regulations as necessary.


As the number of offshore wind farms increase, so does the issue of cyber security. CREADIS Wind Solutions offers a fully integrated SCADA system that protects against operational disruptions, financial losses, and physical damage to the turbines. Our cyber security solution can either run as a stand-alone system or be fully integrated into the existing SCADA system via common interfaces like OPC UA.




CREADIS Wind Solutions allows wind OEMs to simplify the procurement of wind turbine components and subcomponents. By engaging with us, you can tap into a group of highly knowledgeable subject experts that will take responsibility for product ownership of non-core subsystems. Specialists in new product integration, we act as a one point of contact for the entire sourcing process of new components and subsystems, including their functionality. We do so on time and at the lowest possible cost. We source locally when desired and always from the most cost effective and respected suppliers.


Not only does this allow you to devote resources elsewhere, but it also reduces your LCOE – thus helping preserve under pressure profit margins.


Key benefits of Navigation Aid Systems:

  • Reduced risk – a single point of contact that is responsible for the sourcing, supplying and integration of non-core products and subsystems
  • Optimized cost – we remove redundant functions; we also source from most price-competitive and high-quality suppliers
  • On time delivery – dual sourcing on all components reduces supply chain delays to shorten your time to market