A new collaboration between DIS and Bowitek will show Danish businesses how to implement streamlined CE marking with Safexpert™, to save both time and money and at the same time increase safety.


This new collaboration means that Danish industrial companies will get to see with their own eyes how to streamline the CE marking process, raise the quality and at the same time save time on the actual process and avoid the pitfalls that characterize the old-fashioned manual method many still use today.


Hans Christian Olesen, Global VP EAA at the knowledge company DIS says about the new collaboration:

“At DIS we see synergies in the collaboration with Bowitek when it comes to CE marking tasks, as Bowitek has broad knowledge of the processes and has some excellent tools for execution of tasks as well as a large customer base within CE marking. Together, we will be able to solve customer tasks with high efficiency and high quality, and at the same time offer a wide range of solutions within machine design, machine safety and CE marking.”


Steen Meldgaard, CEO of Bowitek says:

“For years, Bowitek has implemented CE markings with the powerful Safexpert™ tool and has developed both methods and templates where customers can benefit from what we call “Streamlined CE marking with Safeexpert™”. For several years, DIS has used Safexpert™ in a structured and efficient manner and strengthened their position within CE marking. This experience and the right way to use the tool has been crucial to the conclusion of the partnership for Bowitek. Customers must gain value and be met with the high quality that both DIS and Bowitek stand for.”


About DIS and CE marking

DIS performs CE marking tasks for customers in several industries. At DIS, we use our broad engineering knowledge to perform tasks ranging from design to manufacture of custom-made machines – including documentation in accordance with current legislation, and CE marking for the customer’s in-house developed equipment. We also perform minor inspection tasks. In short, DIS tailors a solution that suits the customer’s needs.


About Bowitek and Safexpert™

With the Safexpert™ tool and associated data and templates, Bowitek implements the CE marking process streamlined and with proved large savings in time and money without compromising on quality. Bowitek is the exclusive distributor of Safexpert™ in Denmark and Sweden and sells the product in the entire Nordic region.


Global VP EAA at DIS, Hans Christian Olesen (left) and CEO at Bowitek, Steen Meldgaard (right) look forward to the new collaboration on Safexpert™ and streamlined CE marking.


For more information, please contact:

Bowitek: Adm. direktør Steen Meldgaard, +45 27 88 06 68, stml@bowitek.dk

DIS: Global VP EAA, Hans Christian Olesen, +45 23 89 76 07, hco@d-i-s.dk



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