There are plenty of exciting projects, even though COVID-19 is still a part of everyday life.


Despite the Corona crisis of the last six months, DIS is experiencing a positive increase in the level of activity of new and existing customers in Denmark but also globally.


- COVID-19 is a new reality we all have to deal with. Our experience is that customers have a positive view of the future and have therefore kept the activity level high. At DIS we have had projects put on hold, but also the opposite where projects have arisen due to Corona. We have therefore managed to maintain our high level of activity during the pandemic and experience a general increased activity in all business areas, says Michael Gadeberg, founder of DIS, who can also reveal that DIS has just signed the largest order in the company’s history.


Like so many other companies, DIS employees have been working from home for periods of the last six months, but COVID-19 has not been a stumbling block for general collaboration – perhaps on the contrary.


- Everyday life is different, more flexible and at the same time also more efficient, where many meetings are now held virtually, which has a positive effect on planning and resource consumption. Because of our global footprint, we have been practicing virtual meetings for several years, and we have benefited from that learning from day one when Corona hit the world. Our focus is to deliver the product and quality that our customers demand, and that we are known for. We must understand each other’s challenges, and in close cooperation find the required solution that is valuable regardless of the limitations that may exist, says Michael Gadeberg, who welcomes the fact that DIS’ services and competences are in high demand, and that the company therefore maintains the strategic growth target.


For further information:
Michael Gadeberg, founder of DIS, +45 87 38 74 50


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