Increase responsiveness and flexibility in your workforce


With +700 specialist engineers, we have the right people and brain power to solve your challenge. Whether it be a matter of staffing up on highly-skilled engineers to decrease your time-to-market on a given project, the need for specialized engineering know-how to solve complex technical challenges, or excellent project management to execute a multi-disciplinary engineering project, we have the solution for you.



​Why choose DIS/CREADIS?


Dedicated, highly motivated and professionally competent engineers: You get quick access to cutting edge, specialist knowledge – and even if you only have a single DIS/CREADIS engineer onboard, you’ll still backed with the vast multi-disciplinary or specialist knowledge and know-how of +700 skilled engineers through our internal communities of practice where knowledge is shared across and within disciplines.


Flexible and scalable collaboration forms that fits your needs: Whether you are looking for onsite engineers or a global team that works across borders, we provide you with the setup you need to help solve your challenges faster and more effectively.


Seamless integration: Our employees are trained to adjust to new ways of working. This means they can positively collaborate within the set of knowledge, practices, norms and beliefs that make up the professional and social environment of your company.




Individual or teams of highly-specialized engineers and industrial designers to solve your predefined projects or tasks – we ensure onboarding of the right set of competencies, and we’ll do it fast.


With a proven Project Excellence Framework and an average of +10 years of Project Management experience, our Engineering Project Managers will seamlessly initiate, execute, and deploy your mission critical projects.



Do you want to know more about or competences or get a specific offer tailored to your needs and tasks? Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Our communities of Practice – your guarantee for engineering excellence


The old saying goes that knowledge is power. But we like to think of knowledge as value – and our strong team of engineers is our most valuable asset. We believe in fostering a strong knowledge-sharing and knowledge-developing culture as well as providing a solid foundation for our engineers to continuously be at the forefront of new technologies and ways of working. And how do we do that?


Through our Communities of Practice within Mechanical, Electrical, Digital, Power, and Automation Engineering as well as Project Excellence. The knowledge generated within and across communities enable us to provide exactly the competencies needed to drive your business forward. Whether it's through our specialized skill sets or our deep understanding of industry trends, we are committed to delivering value to you by utilizing our internal knowledge and competencies.