Onshore wind is a fast-moving industry that is driven by rapid and decisive advancements in wind turbine products and technology. Whether you need to enhance an existing system or improve your in-house service capabilities, you need access to the right resources and tools to achieve annual energy production goals and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our onshore wind engineers at CREADIS are highly skilled with over 20 years of experience in wind turbine components and subsystems. They are also adept at quickly familiarizing themselves with our clients, their business needs, workflows, processes, and the wind turbine technology they are using or want to use. This has resulted in a long, credible track record of delivering differentiated capabilities, solutions, and services.



DIS/CREADIS has worked with some of the largest wind companies in the world like Siemens Gamesa, VattenFall, Stiesdal, Senvion, and more. Our engineers are knowledgeable in all facets of onshore wind projects, from creative ideation and design to system optimization and service - and everything in between. That includes start-to-finish onshore wind project management.

Onshore Wind Engineering Services

Our services include:


  • System modelling and design
  • Re-power product development
  • Service equipment & tooling design
  • Assembly, lifting, transport, & testing equipment
  • Software development for wind turbines, converters, plant systems
  • Engineering digitalization: design tools, workflows, data management
  • Control systems design & optimization (sensors, PLCs, embedded electronics)



The projects we complete for clients deliver measurable results in the form of increased annual energy production, Levelized cost of energy, improved system reliability, decreased operational costs, improved safety and more. Not measurable but just as important is the fact that we also become a trusted and reliable onshore wind partner who can provide assistance in any phase of a new or ongoing project. Including:

  • Technology feasibility & scouting
  • Electrical cabling design & layout
  • Retrofits & Upgrades for reliability and performance
  • Concept development: from new turbines to components to manufacturing or servicing


Onshore Wind Energy Production

(Maintenance platform design solution)

We also offer unique onshore wind energy solutions including:


  • Navigation aid systems
  • Product lifecycle cost-out
  • Maintenance-as-a-service
  • Obsolescence management
  • Wind Turbine Damper solutions
  • Structural analysis & system dynamics
  • O&M Aids – tools, documentation, apps
  • Engineer-to-spec support for new turbines and repowering



CREADIS, our mechanical, electrical, hardware, software, and industrial engineers work with experts in manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, operations & maintenance, to tackle formidable challenges throughout the onshore wind turbine asset life cycle. The results are wind turbine, farm or service technology advancements at the speed and efficiency our customers need to support their Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) and business goals. This includes design optimization solutions and process optimization to empower onshore wind farm developers, owners, and operators to be more self-sufficient. Competencies include:


  • Mechanical and structural engineering
  • Electrical machines & power conversion
  • Power systems engineering
  • Applied materials & manufacturing
  • Software development
  • Modelling & simulation
  • Data analytics
  • AI/Machine learning
  • Test & verification
  • International standards & certification 
  • High-Voltage grid composition
  • Fluids & thermal technologies
  •  Automation and robotics
  • Controls design and systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Technology/Concept development
  • Systems engineering
  • Reliability engineering
  • Project management
  • Wind turbine repowering
  • Wind turbine condition monitoring



CREADIS partners with OEMs and their supply chain partners, renewable energy asset developers, owners and operators, startups with innovations to bring to market and other R&D players around the world.


Learn more about us through these real-world onshore wind project success stories.