CREADIS ensures innovation for future productions  


As a company, you often face a challenge in terms of both securing the future of operations and meeting the stricter requirements of consumers: How do you achieve a good balance between productivity and sustainability?


It may sound impossible, but it is not. It requires time and resources, but by entering a partnership with CREADIS, access to the right resources, competences and solutions is ensured - and together we can reach our goals.



There may be high expectations for projects that deal with future production. To meet them, one must have defined goals for how to ensure productivity without it having a negative impact on sustainability and the environmental impact.


At CREADIS, we base the collaboration process on three core principles:


1) Long-term partnerships
We believe that the basic element of a successful project is trust and long-term cooperation.

2) Securing a sustainable future
We develop sustainable solutions today so that we can secure future productions.

3) Collaboration throughout the entire project
We are involved throughout the life of the project to continuously guide, optimize, implement, and analyze - From business idea to commissioning and operation.


The three core principles ensure an optimized value chain as well as a more efficient production – resulting in an improved bottom line.



As a CREADIS partner, you have access to all our core competences and solutions based on more than 20 years of experience within industrial development.


Thanks to many years of work with projects in widely different disciplines and industries, we know how important it is to find a strategic partner who has all the necessary skills and competences. When you choose the right partner from the beginning, the process becomes efficient and economical - without compromising quality.



With CREADIS as a partner, you will be helped through your next big project using four steps:


  • Partnership principle
    We do not carry out projects; we create partnerships. When we sit together in a meeting room, we move our chairs over to your side of the table. We listen to and understand your needs. We value a close relationship and honesty because that way we are sure that we speak the same language. It is an approach that is crucial for us.
  • One-stop-shop
    Instead of handling multiple vendors and keeping track of many different project areas, you have CREADIS as your only contact. It optimizes project execution and provides a better communication flow and reduces costs.
  • Global local support
    Building facilities or factories across borders and cultures requires extensive experience in managing global teams. We are your local partner - with a global outlook. Therefore, we can ensure you fast scalability, access to competent engineers and versatile support.
  • We are with you all the way
    Whatever your starting point, we can guide you through the entire process, from initial strategic conceptualization and design to the implementation of large CAPEX projects. Once everything is commissioned, we also help you implement a functional and realistic strategy for operation and maintenance.


With CREADIS as a partner, you invest in a long-term strategy, a relationship based on trust and honesty, invaluable competences, and the future of your company.