Full control of the current state of your production

By monitoring the assembly production at “the moment of truth” – when the product or sub-assembly is tested – it is possible to obtain real-time information and warning of a production that works in separate units and on a global scale.


By focusing on Production Yield as the key KPI, production management is always in control of all the parameters the product are tested for – providing a fast route to the root cause of a problem and providing the possibility early intervention.


WATS – the award-winning Test & Quality Data Management product automates the transformation of test- and repair data into real-time actionable information for the global value chain through any web browser. WATS connects enterprise test stations globally, stores and analyzes test data in the cloud.




By monitoring your production with the WATS test data monitoring system you get:



  • Realtime monitoring of production on all parameters tested for – not OEE of a single machine or SPC on a single KPI.
  • Information that allows fast, precise and prioritized intervention in case of anomalies and problems.
  • Connection of the specific products test result and later repair history.
  • Multiple tools for optimized testing.
  • Multiple feedback for other departments in the enterprise related to production.
  • and thereby help improving efficiency, quality and ultimately business for the whole enterprise.